Frequently asked questions

-- Post wedding --

How many photographs will I receive

I always aim to supply the bride and groom with over 800 photographs but it is usually a lot more.

If there are two photographers the number will obviously increase as we can shoot from multiple angles and locations.

Do you ‘Photoshop’ the images?


Every photograph will have some sort of digital enhancements applied. Any obvious ‘distractions’ will be removed and they will all be professionall sharpened.

If you require any additional Photoshop work, this is usually done free of charge.

Do you keep a copy of my wedding photographs?


I backup the photographs to my external storage devices, as well as to the cloud. Another copy is made and kept offsite.

I’ll keep these copies indefinitely just in case you require another copy at a later date.

How long does the album take to arrive?

After the proofs have been approved and the album ordered you can expect it to arrive within 3-4 weeks.