I met Claire and Brendan back in the Summer and they booked for their wedding photography at the incredible Miskin Manor in Cardiff. The date of the wedding was late October so they both decided on an Autumnal theme for the wedding. They are actually both Weather Forecasters and met at work whilst predicting our beautiful British weather. I’ve even heard that they are keen on storm chasing and judging by some of the photographs that I have seen, are pretty good at it too.

Brendan and Claire had asked me if I could make the photographs colourful and in tune with the theme of the wedding. Luckily for me we had a fairly mild, partly cloudy day with a  7 mph Easterly wind and no precipitation. Sorry! It must be rubbing off!

Behind the lawns of the Miskin Manor is a small woodland walkway and the timing of the wedding couldn’t have been more perfect with the leaves staying on the trees for a little while longer this year due to an prolonged unseasonably mild period. Oops, doing it again. This meant that it was an absolute photographer’s dream and hopefully the newlyweds got the look that they were hoping for.

Congratulations guys. The future is definitely bright!

Brendan & Claire-178 Brendan & Claire-398 Brendan & Claire-449 Brendan & Claire-499 Brendan & Claire-542 Brendan & Claire-638 Brendan & Claire-640 Brendan & Claire-643 Brendan & Claire-645 Brendan & Claire-648 Brendan & Claire-665 Brendan & Claire-684 Brendan & Claire-704Brendan & Claire-720 Brendan & Claire-723Brendan & Claire-923 Brendan & Claire-928 Brendan & Claire-940 Brendan & Claire-979 Brendan & Claire-986 Brendan & Claire-994 Brendan & Claire-1024