Frequently asked questions

-- Post wedding --

How many photographs will I receive

I always aim to supply the bride and groom with over 800 photographs but it is usually a lot more.

If there are two photographers the number will obviously increase as we can shoot from multiple angles and locations.

Do you ‘Photoshop’ the images?


Every photograph will have some sort of digital enhancements applied. Any obvious ‘distractions’ will be removed and they will all be professionall sharpened.

If you require any additional Photoshop work, this is usually done free of charge.

Do you keep a copy of my wedding photographs?


I backup the photographs to my external storage devices, as well as to the cloud. Another copy is made and kept offsite.

I’ll keep these copies indefinitely just in case you require another copy at a later date.

How long does the album take to arrive?

After the proofs have been approved and the album ordered you can expect it to arrive within 3-4 weeks.


-- During the big day --

How long do you stay?

If you book me as your wedding photographer, you are booking me for the day, not for a set number of hours. I usually start 2-3 hours before the ceremony and finish just after the first dance. However, these hours are not set in stone. If you’d like me to work a little longer, feel free to ask.

Do you require a meal?

No we don’t need feeding during the day. Wedding venues in Wales are incredibly generous and we generally get fed by them.

The church doesn’t permit the use of flash. Is this OK?

Yes this is fine. The modern DSLRs and lenses are incredibly good at capturing images in low light and a distracting flash needn’t be used.

What if it rains?

What? In Wales?

I always carry a portable lighting kit with me and if the rain dictates that we have to remain inside all day, that’s no problem at all.

Using off-camera flash techniques and camera trickery I can easily create beautiful indoor portraits.



Can I give you a list of specific shots we would like?

Yes of course.

I work to my own list of photographs that I have created over the years but if you would like to send me a list of your own, feel free.

I can send you my list in word format if you’d like to review it and and make your own modifications.

What information do you need from me before the wedding day?

Contact details. (I should already have the bride and groom’s details)

  • The bride’s parents
  • The best man
  • The maid of honour
  • The wedding coordinator
  • The venue
  • The chauffeur

Timings (These plus any other significant events)

  • Bridal prep (hair & makeup)
  • Arrival of wedding car
  • Ceremony
  • Wedding breakfast
  • The speeches
  • The cutting of the cake
  • The first dance

The list of required photographs (if needed)


Can my other guests take pictures?

Yes I positively encourage it and I’m always keen to chat to fellow photography enthusiasts. If they want to follow me and pick up some tips, I’ll try and pass on some advice.

How do you capture the aerial photography

At every wedding I capture (weather permitting) some aerial photographs of the venue using unmanned drones. My sister company Aerial Photography Wales offers aerial photographs and drone filming and I combine this with the wedding photography.

-- Before booking --

How far in advance do I need to book my wedding photography?

Many brides book me as their wedding photographer over a year before their wedding but it all depends on the date required.

June to October are obviously the busiest months and the Saturdays tend to fill up first. I usually have a couple of bookings that are over two years away so it’s better to check that your date is available early.

If you do find that I am already booked on your wedding day, don’t panic. I’ve got a few fantastic photographer friends that I’d be happy to put you in touch with.

Are you insured?

Yes I have full Public Liabilities insurance and I’m a full member of the SWPP, The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers.

When would you require balance of payment?

The balance would be due one week before the big day.

Do you take credit card?

Yes I do.

Please ask me for details and I’ll send you a link to the online booking form.

How do I book?

I have an online booking system. I can create a proposal and email you a link to the booking form.

Once you ‘accept’ the proposal you will be taken to the payments page. The various payment options are on there.

Can I have a list of references?

Yes of course.

I can supply you with a list of venues, florists, car hire companies, DJs, videographers and caterers that would be happy to supply a reference.

Do you have backup equipment?

Oh yes. I have backups of my backups.

I always have three camera bodies with me and half a dozen lenses, lots of memory cards, three flashes and about a bazillion batteries.

I come from an IT background and I’m fastidious about data backups too. Whilst the wedding guests are enjoying their food, I will be backing up the memory cards to my external storage.

Do you require a deposit in order to reserve a date?

Yes, to reserve a date, a deposit of £100 would be required.

I can however hold the date upon request. If you ask nicely.