Alex and Rhys got married at the incredible St Donat’s Castle. It is literally a photographer’s dream with beautiful gardens, amazing buildings, a beach and yes, a castle! It really was a fun wedding as you probably tell from the photographs. According to Rhys it was the ‘Wedding of the century’ and he has reminded me of that fact the few times I’ve seen him since.

Alex & Rhys-15 Alex & Rhys-215 Alex & Rhys-176 Alex & Rhys-541 Alex & Rhys-644 Alex & Rhys-693 Alex & Rhys-1354 Alex & Rhys-1017 Alex & Rhys-1028 Alex & Rhys-1051 Alex & Rhys-1078 Alex & Rhys-1636 Alex & Rhys-1128-Edit Alex & Rhys-1155Alex-&-Rhys-(1701)