Mike and Stacey are getting married next month at the St Pierre Golf and Country club in Chepstow and this week we had arranged to meet up for their pre-wedding shoot. I had this mega top secret location planned for a while (Leave the M4 at the Coldra and follow the signs for Newport Wetlands Centre) so we checked the weather and planned to catch the sunset on Wednesday evening.

The hour before sunset and after sunrise is known to us photographers at The Golden Hour. Its the period of the day when the light is at its most beautiful and as you can see from the photographs, gives a warm glowing feel to the photography. The Wetlands Centre has acres and acres of waterways and reeds that are perfect for a pre-wedding shoot.

With a pre-wedding shoot I try to give the bride and groom a selection of styles to choose from. I’ll edit some in black and white, some in high contrast colour and some in a vintage style. It’s a great way of showing the bride and groom what is possible with their wedding photographs and it gives me something to work towards on their big day.

If you would like to book a pre-wedding shoot with your package, please get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.Mike and Stacey-15 Mike and Stacey-28 Mike and Stacey-30 Mike and Stacey-36 copy Mike and Stacey-40 Mike and Stacey-54 Mike and Stacey-61 Mike and Stacey-69 Mike and Stacey-82 Mike and Stacey-84 Mike and Stacey-94 Mike and Stacey-99 Mike and Stacey-108 Mike and Stacey-117 Mike and Stacey-121 Mike and Stacey-133 Mike and Stacey-137 Mike and Stacey-154