I’ve had a ‘Recent work’ section for a while where you can see a selection of photographs from weddings in South Wales. I thought however I’d create this extra ‘blog’ section for some more personal updates, news and general ramblings.

I’m going to be posting on a variety of topics. Some on the subject of photography. Places that I have photographed, photographers that inspire me, people that I’ve worked with as well as my techniques and equipment.

I’ll be writing some reviews on wedding venues that I have enjoyed working at. As wedding photographers we probably visit more wedding venues than pretty much anyone. In the summer months we work regularly with the wedding planners, masters of ceremonies, DJs, car hire companies, florists, priests and registrars. I’ve photographed some amazing places in Wales and Europe and maybe these experiences will help you with your decision if you’ve yet to choose a wedding venue.

I’ll also be posting on topics that have nothing to do with photography at all. They might be personal news, helpful links or pretty much any irrelevant ponderings that I manage to get down on paper. Feel free to get in touch if you want me to offer any advice or want me to talk about anything. If I can help I will and it’s always nice to have new ideas for blog posts.


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